5 jobs for one salary - Really?

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Re: 5 jobs for one salary - Really?

Post by thecheese » Sun Feb 05, 2012 12:08 am

As a casual observer and listener it seems clear to me that radio has been in something of a dive for the last decade or more.. and it's not a political thing or a recession thing.

Sure, stations want to cut costs, and maximize their revenue.. with dwindling ad revenues, it becomes more and more attractive to ditch the human and pipe in some syndicated show or voice tracker.

Used to be a time when the radio was the only place short of a record shop where a listener could be exposed to new music. It was a great way to get the weather and news on the go.

Besides, driving to work every morning, you need SOMETHING to listen to besides your muffler dragging, right?

MP3's and iPods let listeners be their own DJ and listen to music wherever they are, commercial free. They get their news from the internet. What do they need the radio for?

That just means what used to cut it 20 years ago isn't going to cut it today. You need to stand out, and be a real talent... or be versatile.. or maybe just lucky.

Meanwhile, logic would dictate that the jocks that remain must be the cream of the crop, right?


I hear radio shows all the time and all I can think is, "How the F*&# did these people get this gig?"

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Re: 5 jobs for one salary - Really?

Post by razorback9926 » Sun Feb 26, 2012 8:58 pm

Before jjenkins does another "LMAO," perhaps he can tell us where he's currently on the air at. Most likely, he's eating a bag of Doritos on the couch, watching Jerry Springer, bemoaning the current state of the industry.

Kudos to spokegoddess, she's on the air and being paid. It doesn't get much better than that.

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