Talk Host Salaries, Please Help

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Talk Host Salaries, Please Help

Post by mmore » Sat Feb 11, 2012 11:56 am

I know there are many contingent factors that need to be considered when it comes to salary but I'm looking for someone "in the know" to help me out with a basic ballpark figure.

What -- in a general sense -- can a midday talk host on a number one rated station in a low market (mid 100's) expect to make as a starting salary?

Now, what can a midday talk host on a number one rated station in a large market (10 - 20) expect to make as a starting salary?

Again, I know there are many factors but I'm hoping someone can shed at least a little light on this for me. I can't provide any more info for the sake of anonymity.

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Re: Talk Host Salaries, Please Help

Post by spokesgoddess » Fri Feb 17, 2012 2:15 pm

This link might be helpful ... ost/Salary
It allows you to search for local data, so in small, medium or large markets and also by employer. It looks pretty accurate to me as I've worked in everything from unrated markets to #12.
Most of us have supported our radio habit over the years with various side jobs, myself included. All the best in landing that "great gig in the sky".

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Re: Talk Host Salaries, Please Help

Post by CarterManGod » Sun Feb 19, 2012 3:33 pm

Aim for mornings or don't bother. Many times a third chair Cohost can make more than a midday liner jock. Middays are also the first to be automated, tracked or syndicated when a radio company starts failing, and these days that's all of them. Mornings is the coveted position, the respected one, the anchor for the station. The Morning Man, or team, IS the station. Many times a station will ask for someone "who won't over-shadow the station.' Now, that's a pathetic thing to ask for really, and, seemingly, counter productive too, but it shows that the stations DO know that Morning jocks have power. And number one rated doesn't mean much anymore. Arbitron has been, and can be, completely raped into meaning anything. In other words, an Arbitron 'interpreter' can produce whatever 'results' they want by looking for only that. They love ya- they interpret it nicely. They hate ya- they interpret it badly. Arbitron has been abused enough over the years to destroy a lot of livelihoods - even unrated markets!! Of course, a company would never secretly, illegally, obtain Arbitron results they didn't subscribe to... Well, no company except the biggest ones out there, oh, and then 'interpret' those results in a negative way to the company owners in order to terminate an employee... Saying 'budget' is the reason.

I do, indeed, wish you luck in the world of radio. I've worked in 4 different markets, for 3 companies- med to small, and ONLY as a Morning Man. I've been treated well, and I've been treated like a piece of garbage. But a few things have stayed exactly the same: 1. I was always offered & paid a salary that was, substantially, less than the person before me regardless of time/exp. 2. Arbitron results have been blatantly abused right in front of me innumerable times. (Once you don't need it interpreted for you anymore-watch your PDs create huge fantasies about Arbitron results for the GM, or watch the suits fly into your town with the Arbitron results they've negatively twisted just so they could have a reason to yell at you for 5 minutes and then golf the rest of the weekend- mini vaca. 3. No one outside of Mornings (especially middays) ever got any respect or money. Instead, they often get extra prod, unpaid appearances, they have to do stupid ass lunch time remotes cause the PD thinks a free sandwich on air everyday is the formula for gold, and every single station I have worked for, and their sister stations ALL threw out live middays for canned crap.

I would concentrate less on trying to achieve more money, or even livable money, in Middays, and start really trying to get a morning gig. I know a lot of jocks whine about getting up early, but take it from someone 'in the know' that is where you wanna be in this business. And, truthfully, not many radio folk even want to be there these days. Consolidation of the Industry and our recent recession has made the Industry almost impossible to survive in. Radio will bounce back, but it will bounce back with a Hell of a lot less people (making a lot less money) sho nuf.

Again, a sincere good luck to you. Be smart. Trust no one. At least, no one in your building. At a radio station everyone is, and should be, looking out for themselves only. Most jocks, as I've experienced, are in love with themselves, and would throw their own mothers into traffic for a raise, or attention of any kind. And, btw, (again in my experience) that observation gets more true as the jocks format gets less 'blue.' Christian & AC hosts are the biggest fake turncoats, CHR & Urban is middle of the road ass bites, and Rock and Country are sweethearts. It's like the ones who hold it all in, eventually, blow- and the ones who get to let it out- are totally laid back.

Probably more than you wanted to know, but not less than you should be aware of.

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