How the mighty "Hall Talk" has fallen.

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How the mighty "Hall Talk" has fallen.

Post by hipster » Thu Aug 22, 2013 9:39 am

If you remember before AA made changes to the Net Talk format, one serial poster attempted to dominate each thread, "Hall Talk". Another poster ,"Legend" long ago indicated that Hall Talk was in fact "dancing Danny Wright.", a journeyman late night country jock. Never thought much about it. His need to be right trumped everything. He was making the big bucks, had the best act, and could even do his show from home. Anyone disagreeing with this pompous, bag of flatuence was according to "Hall Talk", out of work or just an idiot.

Well now, recently a friend pointed out that Facebook has a group called "Old Radio DJ's". Once again an annoying, know it all attempts to get the last word: Dancing Danny Wright. "Legend" wherever you are. you were correct sir. His style of posting is unmistakable. "Cept now, Wright is crying in his beer over missed opportunities and a screw job by Clear Channel. No, not our precious Hall Talk, he apparently hasn't held a job in the business in years. Now however you can hire "Hall Talk"/Dancing Danny Wright for motivational seminars. Hall Talk is now Matt Foley. By the way, HT, still want to compare W2's you piece of garbage?

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Re: How the mighty "Hall Talk" has fallen.

Post by frankincleveland » Thu Aug 22, 2013 12:40 pm

You mean Cleveland radio personality & nationally syndicated show host/real estate agent Danny Wright?

If so, love him or hate him, the guy's been around long enough to not be completely talking out of his ass, don't you think?

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Re: How the mighty "Hall Talk" has fallen.

Post by winterwest » Sat Aug 24, 2013 2:25 pm

A couple of months ago I gave up my show to take care of a few family issues and relocate. It was only a one hour weekend show, which is how I wanted it. after 35 years I got to talk about what I wanted to talk about, play what I wanted to play, and pursue whatever sponsors I wanted and bill them or trade. I've made money in radio. I've run programming and promotions, won awards and blah blah blah...

My point is, I'm quite sure I can be just as pompous, arrogant, egotistical and all the other words used to describe those of us in this business. That's why we're in this business!

But, unless someone has personally done you wrong, let the attitude and presentation slide. I guarantee, we've ALL been viewed that way by someone before. We act the way we do often in pursuit of this career. We might over promise or embellish a bit. I can't believe it's malicious.

I don't know or even know of Hall beyond this site. He might be a real jerk,,,maybe even a true asshat! But c'mon, Hipster, do we gotta kick each other while we're down? This shit can be hard enough...

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Re: How the mighty "Hall Talk" has fallen.

Post by scremped » Mon Aug 26, 2013 1:13 pm

I've always thought Hall Talk's posts were insightful, informative and smartly written. Plus he goes after jjenkins when he posts one of his hateful rants which I always appreciate.

And winterwest I don't believe I've ever seen a post from you that came across as egocentric. Quite the opposite in fact.

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Re: How the mighty "Hall Talk" has fallen.

Post by waverunner » Sun Sep 01, 2013 9:31 pm

Oh my goodness! Look at this! A vicious online attack from a long-time agitator and master-baiter, hoping to get a response from one of his betters. And with such a groovy cool name as "hipster" - how can one resist? Dodging spitballs from a chubby old dude wearing a beret and known as "hipster" is too much to resist.

For the record? My wife's underwear is sold as "hipsters" ... is that where you took your inspiration from? Women's panties?

Here I am, innocently Googling the net with my name as a search subject and this pops up. As ol' hipster will testify - it's what I'm all about. Mememememe ... right, hip?

I can't stop you from anonymously popping off. You've followed me around online for years, using your tenuous grasp of grammar in an endless attempt to berate me (I really think that deep down inside you just want an autograph) and now you appear again, a virtual herpe on the lip of AA. So be it. The correct procedure here would be to say something like "I don't want to brag" but I do like bragging - to never-beens such as you, hippie. Yes, I would very much still like to compare W-2s with you. These days it wouldn't be to show you how much money I make but more to verify how little YOU make. Better yet - let's compare resumes, awards, accomplishments - you go first. It would really embarrass you and I know I'll get "screw you" or something equally numb-skullish in return, so I won't bother.

What would be interesting is to find out who peed in your Wheaties to the point you're still bringing up my employment/dismissal by Clear Channel from nearly THIRTEEN YEARS AGO? Of course I didn't like being canned but after 23 radio jobs, it was hardly something that would cause me to seek therapy. Why don't you mention what happened AFTER CC canned me? You won't so allow me to fill in those years for you.

My last words in the hallways of WGAR were to the late Chuck Collier, a true friend. I said - and this is nearly verbatim - "Chuck? I'm going to get a syndicated show." A few months later I was offered a chance to do just that by Jones Radio in Seattle - and I took it. The show eventually hit a high of about 120 stations and ran for nearly SEVEN YEARS. In the world of syndicated radio, it was pretty small stuff. But I had a total ball and it allowed me a chance to do some absolutely incredible things - and make some great friends. When DG bought Jones, I was one of the many changes and the show was cancelled. Again, I wasn't happy but thought it was kind of cool that for the first time I was "cancelled." My contract only paid me a year's salary after the cancellation - I'm certain you've had many deals like that, right hipster? BTW - I really enjoy the mental image as I imagine what kind of sack lickers would refer to themselves as "hipster" and "legend" ... hee-larious. But I both digress and dip into vulgarity - you have that affect on many, don't you, son?

After that I developed a show called "The Live Ride" with Danny Wright. It was syndicated by Envision Radio Networks. It did okay but never really took off - 30 or 35 stations over 14 months or so. I gave up the rights to the name and the show was moved to Nashville. It was fine by me - I wasn't getting along with the guy at Envision that I worked directly with, so ... no big loss. Still - it was fun.

So I've been "off the air" for about 3 1/2 years. During that time I've bounced around a bit. Money was very tight, better times, tight again - but that's common these days. Currently I have a very cool 12 x 16 studio building on my property near Seattle where I run a very modest voice-over business. To be honest - I don't push it very hard. I should and have vowed to kick it up a notch. My wife has a terrific job and I enjoy being the cook, chauffeur, etc. Today I landed two gigs for only about a grand total. One was for Anatabloc/GNC stores and the other is Balsam Hill, a Christmas tree supplier. Probably doesn't impress you, I know. I imagine you have a voice studio and clients all over the map, right? I'm really not worthy but I'm doing my best to keep up with you.

Oh - about the seminars. For nearly three years I've presented "soft skills" seminars for groups of business people. I mainly stay in this area - WA/OR/Montana/Idaho/Wyoming. I go often to SF, Sacramento and last week was in Portland/Tacoma/Seattle/Everett. You'll be pleased to know I had the very best week since I started doing this gig. I do get sent other places (went through Maine last year - that was cool) and will be going to Honolulu later this month. I'd invite you to one but I'm guessing the $179 registration will be a bit much for you, right? Not to mention buying a book or DVD to actually learn something. Funny - I thought this gig was a good thing and a natural occupation as radio fades for me. Huh. Maybe I should have consulted you first. After all, staying in nice places, eating well, wearing nice clothes and being treated as a professional while getting paid a fee and all expenses is really a drag, now that I think about it. And when I do the seminar trips, I don't have the time to post snarky BS on places like AA. But you do! You are SO lucky!

So - let's make this little slice of cyberspace really come alive and you come out from hiding and reveal yourself and tell me just why you seem so enamored of me? How can a broken down, unemployed piece of garbage like me elicit such a response from a hipster like you? Fascinating. Did you win something on one of my shows and never got it? Did I not play a request for you? Come on - man up and stop hiding behind your mode, tough guy.

I know it's a waste of time. Me? I have some time to waste these days. I'm glad you read my posts on FB - I've always enjoyed entertaining fans.

I must be off. The hot tub awaits. Oh - that reminds me ... you'll LOVE this. A buddy who owns a hot tub store in this beautiful area is opening a second one and has asked if I'd be interested in managing it. I just might do it - sounds fun. Besides - your reaction to this news will be priceless. I'd invite you to check it out but I think the prices start at around $8,000 and up, and well ... you know. I like messing with you but don't want to embarrass you. So - maybe someday for you, right?

Thanks for keeping my name and my "hipster legend" going. Very kind of you. Until next time ...

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Re: How the mighty "Hall Talk" has fallen.

Post by jjenkins » Wed Sep 11, 2013 5:30 am

Wow, someone struck a nerve. What a rambling, ego-serving tirade that was. Embarrassing. Someone was clearly drunk when they wrote it. LOL

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Re: How the mighty "Hall Talk" has fallen.

Post by hipster » Wed Sep 11, 2013 8:54 am

Well Danny boy, sorry that you're experiencing such hard times. Being forced to take a job in the retail hot tub business is pretty sad. Maybe you can voice the phone prompts or on-hold advertising for the store. You had a good on-air career, I'll be the first to admit it. But you obviously have some personal ego issues, heard that from some of your former peers as well. I can check around to see if any of our stations needs a morning personality. By the way, now we know you have any number of handles on AA. I wonder how many times Waverunner posted positive replies to Halltalk's posts. Its hilarious, but also a little pathetic.

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Re: How the mighty "Hall Talk" has fallen.

Post by mockspeed » Wed Oct 16, 2013 10:21 am

This thread is funny, typical egomaniacs going toe to toe over what?.

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