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Radionomy Free Internet Radio

Post by nvradio » Tue May 21, 2013 4:36 pm

Hi everyone!

I am the US Community Manager over at! Please let me know how I can help any of you.

I am currently working on strategies to help DJ's and radio station producers build their online presence through user created internet radio.

For some context, here is what Radionomy offers:

It’s really great to be a part of this community! Please let me know how I can help any of you.

Here is what Radionomy offers:

1) Free station creation

2) Completely online, professional radio programming tool

3) All music rights paid for via SoundExchange

4) Upload 3000-5000 of your own tracks

5) Library of 80,000 preloaded tracks

6) Library of current weather reports, news reports, sound design elements and podcasts for insertion into your station.

7) High quality servers and streaming integrity at 128 kbs.

8) Embeddable and sharable widgets for social media and websites.

9) Indexing on iTunes (for the more popular stations)

Our idea is to give passionate producers all the tools they need at zero cost (servers, streaming, music rights, news reports...etc.) -- get them out of the business of worrying about these details -- and then they will program amazing stations that attract listenership.

So far, we’ve got over 8000 independent producers actively operating stations on Radionomy with nearly 376,000 listeners logging an average of 1.3 million streamed hours per day. We insert 4 minutes of ads per hour on their stream and share this ad revenue when they reach a certain amount of listening hours per month.

If any of you have ideas for how I can access more producers and get them to try our platform, I would really appreciate it! If you’d like to understand more about Radionomy, you could try opening a station yourself at It takes less than an hour to set up. Or at least check out some of the cool stations already running.

I look forward to contributing to this community.


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