KFUO-FM Classic99 switches over to JoyFM 99.1

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KFUO-FM Classic99 switches over to JoyFM 99.1

Post by jgibsonatrl » Thu May 13, 2010 10:28 pm

I personally think this is a hostile attempt at a power grab by Joy FM by shunting Classic 99. :evil:
This is a REAL huge disaster for the Classical/Intellectual Community.

They are planning on switching to CCM by June 1st, and the biggest losers on the radio front stand to be KEZK, KYKY, and WARH (106.5 The Arch). It may also take a few of WSDD's, KLOU's, and KHITS 96.3's Listeners as well.
The Federal Communications Commission has approved the sale of the license of KFUO-99.1 FM by the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod to Gateway Creative Broadcasting, which broadcasts “Christian contemporary” pop music as Joy FM. The sale is expected to be final in five days.
UPDATED: From Vicki Biggs, Director, Public Affairs & Media Relations at the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod: “Regarding the timing of the transfer of the KFUO-FM 99.1 license, the transfer will take effect at a mutually agreeable time that has not yet been determined. It is not likely to happen within five days.”
STLToday.com article, 05.06.2010, on KFUO-FM sale approved

There are some rumors floating around at the STLMedia Message Boards:
Clear Channel is very close to selling/donating 100.3 to one of the groups that tried to stop the KFUO transfer. From what I can figure out, they will sell it at a greatly reduced price "as is" but DONATE the CP and related work (which evidently isn't much) to move the Xmtr to the Page site. So they get some money and a nice fat tax writeoff since the Friends or whatever the group is called is a non-profit. Its a double win for Clear Channel, triple if you consider that The Sound is a complete failure. All of this is being done with San Antonio because of the complex nature of the deal, but it could be done by July 4th.
From STLMedia.net's Message Boards called Will "The Sound" become Classic 100.3?

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